German Jobs For English Speakers

If you’re an expat in Germany, you may have had the realization that there are just two categories of jobs for foreign skilled workers:

The ones for people speaking German at a conversational level and the ones for people who don’t. While belonging to the former group gives you access to a high range and quantity of jobs, belonging to the latter puts you in a truly competitive shark tank.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any kind of loophole where you enter a German speaking company as the only person without German skills, handling the international side of business. In businesses like that, many of the German employees still struggle with the English language, so you will not even be invited for an interview if conversational German is not on your CV.

Okay, so there are no German jobs for English speakers without German skills. That’s a real bummer.

How long does it take to reach the necessary proficiency?

Basically, it depends on your commitment, your motivation and your discipline.

The most important thing is language practice, but without the right guidance, practice is not very efficient and you will internalize wrong things mixed in with the right ones. A good teacher will aim at making you speak with to them very early on, giving you the basic grammar and vocabulary to do small talk. With real, daily commitment of just 15-25 minutes (apart from the lessons), consisting of grammar revision, vocabulary learning and putting together basic sentences, you can get there as quickly as six months. And this is possible with group lessons at language schools as well as with a private teacher. The only difference is that the private teacher will give you all their attention, so there is more guidance and less pressure, leading to a higher chance of success.

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