The Right Vocabulary For Your Life

Experience Makes All The Difference

Every client is unique – this is the most important lesson I have learned in my career as a teacher.

An architect uses the German language differently than a tango instructor. Someone who wants a closer connection to their German colleagues has different needs than somebody who wants to pass their citizenship exam. Every client has a different personality, learning style, goal and life situation. My job is to see each of them as they are and connect with them, find their needs and challenges, and give them expert guidance towards their goals. This challenge inspires me every day, as I enjoy creating customized lessons that bring much better results for my clients.

Motivation Is A Matter Of Good Guidance

Let’s face it: learning German can be extremely frustrating. The complicated structure and grammar can make it feel like solving math equations. For that reason, I approach each lesson according to the following principles:

  • Make things vivid and useful – vocabulary and grammar must make sense to you
  • Things need to be easy to follow – grammar must be divided into chunks that feel manageable to you
  • Make things fun – topics must be exciting and light-hearted so that they feel engaging to you

And if you’re in a slump, we will look at your workload together and create a plan that works better with your schedule.

Why I Love My Job

Getting to know interesting people from different countries is something I’ve always enjoyed. However, what’s most rewarding about my job as a German teacher is that I can help those same people feel more comfortable in their lives. For example, I taught a young Englishman named Harry from 2018 until 2020, who felt like he would never be taken seriously when speaking German. He was a fellow teacher, but for the English language. After only a few months, his vocabulary and pronunciation was greatly improved, with him already noticing people making positive remarks, and by the end of our collaboration, he was able to discuss complex topics in German with confidence. Stories like this one give me a sense of purpose in my professional life.

What’s Your Favorite Topic?

In my experience, people learn the best when learning feels like talking to a friend. Someone who really cares, laughs with them, listens to them and helps them through their challenges. Teaching, to me, is finding common ground and building upon it. Not only am I a very curious person, but I also have a wide range of interests, such as listening to audiobooks, playing chess, watching movies and series, discovering new music and cooking a new dish every Sunday.

But enough about me, let’s chat about your favorite topic!

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